Tuesday, June 09, 2009

This weeks a total downer..well so far.

Cramp de la cramp is back to give me some bad moodswings.

I haven't been writing for quite a while now. It's been a tough week for me, moving here and there, feeling sick and having to deal with many annoying faces around my face is not exactly the easiest task in the world.

I thought about my life. How I always make time for my friends and how most of them take advantage of that, thinking that I'll always be there for them.And the one day I can't make it, they act as though I've missed out on some special occasion. Puhlease.
And the worst thing is when i get to the core of their problem, they start whining even more and more. That fuckin drives me nuts. Everyones self-centered, but hey sometimes I keep my worries in and try not to care about my own issues too much. I get sick talking about my troubles, worries, regrets, stress. What's the point talking so much about yourself? You already know everything there is to know about yourself.

This is how the conversations go with most of em (in general).

Me: Hey are you alright, wutts up?
Anonymous: Oh..um nothing really.
Me: Aite.
Anonymous: I've been damn stressed out yknow bel, boss and clients killing me to the maximum core! I can't take it, i wanna go die. (this happens nearly everyday. The 'i wanna die' part. Then you got the big wavy gestures of hands, constipated expressions. yada yada)
Me: Dude, just chill out man...what do you expect. You're in the line of work. And you like it too.
Anonymous: I love my job, I just hate it though.
Me: uhuh.
Anonymous: Anyways enough about me, how about you? Life good?
Me:Well um...yeahh...holding on to the pole
Anonymous: And you know that day, they kept bitching in the office. I really wanna go and fuck em till they die. Hate those stupid clients. Ahhhhh!
Me: Yep
Anonymous: (goes on from square one to square one)

Then you got the self-praisers (these are the biggest losers of them all)

Anonymous: Hey bel you gonna go for the event?
Me: No i wasn't invited.
Anonymous: Howcome? They dont know you? Well, they know me cuz i'm special (and she means it..pfft..)
Me: Aite whatevs
Anonymous: So how you want the invite or not? I just ask and i'll get it for sure. But you'll be with the regulars. Im in VIP.
Me: sure thing, as long as i get to chill im cool.
Anonymous: But you wont get to enjoy the VIP privileges. You'll be squashed down there with all of em. haha..You know one of the owners dig me, so they just give me passes whenever. He kept trying to get into my pants and i told him NO. I mean, he was so fuckin ugly to begin with and besides..i only go for hot guys. I won't even settle for OKAY-LOOKING.
Me: yeah yeah (wondering if she's ever mirrored herself, she ain't that great either)

Even if you were awesome looking, it's such a super duper turn-off to say such things. That's more rotten than spoilt. It's just a roll-on-the-floor omfagging lord.

Then you got the one-liners.

Me: So hey what did you do today?
Anonymous: Nothing much. You?
Me: Oh work. lunch. dinner with u right now.
Anonymous: Oh ok. cool.
(silence for a very long time in fact)
Me: So umm...whats up with life, hows it going for ya?
Anonymous. Good. You?
Me: Great, I learned how to make pizza today. Got slashed on drinks in barsonic lastnight too. You been there?
Anonymous: Sometimes i go. Sometimes i don't.
(silence AGAIN for a very long time, its not even awkward anymore)
Me: So what did you eat? (ran out of questions to string)
Anonymous: Oh just a chicken pie (utters and keeps silent again)
Me: (I think fuck this shit, i ain't wasting my time. I'm going home.)

And before i forget, the emo-beggars (I call em emo-beggars because they indirectly beg for sympathy, recognition, the whole bag of goodies they dont deserve. And it ain't trick or treat, u aint gonna get shit.)

Me: Hey wat is up?
Anonymous: I'm not feeling too good man
Me: Cmon lighten up, its just a phony issue
Anonymous: No its not bel, u dont understand. I gave her my all. I did everything I could.
Me: Yeah so chill out, ur obviously not in the wrong.
Anonymous: You dont get it. Im pissed off.
Me: Pissed off? Over small shit like that? its not a big deal
Anonymous: Cuz you dont know what im feeling inside
Me: Okay tell me then. (holy shit, wtf)
Anonymous: I deserve better than this bel, really do. I gave my all to all my friends, they treat me like dirt. I even protect them, bash up the boys if i could. I used to be gangster..dont be fooled..better watch out before i get violent.
Me: (lost in translation) sorry?
Anonymous: Ah nevermind. I just need to get laid la.
Me: who with?
Anonymous: If i wanna get laid, i dont have a problem la. You see my phonebook? Its loaded with hot chicks that would lay me. All i need to do is give em a ring and they'll be there.
Me: Then why are you here with me?
Anonymous: Cuz i dont feel like getting laid with the hotties.
Me: But you just said you wanted to.
Anonymous: Ahh..intro me to some hotties dude.
Me: Let ur phonebook do the intro man. since ur all pro and shit.
Anonymous: That's right, but just not today. tired la.
Me: Uhuh seriously whatever man
Anonymous:you just don't know what i've been through bel, u have no clue.
Me: whaaa??? (you have no brain, thats that)

You see that? It's unbelievable. That guys truly an ass with no brains. I mean I dig assholes and cocky guys. But thats different, thats just plain dumb.

There are actually people like that. The ones who waste your time in different ways. Not worth the listen. Not worth the thought actually.

I used to be cool watching friends self-fuck themselves. Now, it's growing a little mundane and I keep thinking about watching Travel & Living to find out whats cooking with Anthony Bourdain. Honestly, that's much more entertaining? I don't feel like making time for people anytime, anywhere, whenever, wherever? I used to be that easy to get into hang-outs. I really wanna slow down so I can like chill out, scrub my feet or what not.

The only time i'll truly hang out is if I truly FEEL like hanging out.
Man I think its time to cut my hair before I go all hobo on myself. The split-ends are making its way, the chipped nails, the eye rings, the bad diet, the sun. I feel like a gondrong master.

This week has had plenty of bad moments. One was last night as I was tuned into 'Confessions of a Shopaholic'. It is by far the worst chick flick I have laid eyes on. THe direction was so tacky, the clothes worn were so 'AUNTY', and I found the entire movie a big flop. The only solid idea was the talking/moving mannequins. Yeah that was pretty much creative. But all in all, bad. sour. bitter. boring. I didn't really like 'Devil Wears Prada' either, but after having suffered through this one...i gotta hand it to devil wears prada for doing a good job.

Cheers peeps. Im off for lunch.

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