Thursday, March 12, 2009

Klarbears birthday!

Age: 18 years
Date: 27th Febo 09
belongs to: the Djajalie Family

I'm going to go easy, cut down my typing tongue on words and go Strictly with pics. :)

Captions are a necessity.

Say jager, jager, jager bomb! woot woot.

Klaudbear and Klarbear Djajalie

The platter, left creamy.

asian wonders.

The three stooges, musketeers, naughty rascals, the three DJAJALIEs.

This is some hardcore abstract canon effect

my bubbies. my cousy wousy. and voila bellio.

the crowd gathers to smile

and im too lazy to put up pics. they will be locked up in the fbook album.

By the way, the ultimate picture of the day, that has nothing to do with my sisters 18th cake-blowing celebration. It's just a back tattoo that i really want and KNOW that i will NOOOOT get cuz of my pops. He is oblivious to the ones scattered around my body. But if i got this one, hell no..not only will he flip, he'll like mosquito bat me!

pretty ink. uggh..i want it bad man.

That's all folks.

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