Thursday, December 20, 2007


08 is slowly approaching. What am i gonna do about it? The graduation ceremonys on febo. That's the only thing i'm holding on to before i find myself a decent job with decent pay. I know most definitely that i dont want to grow up and experience the life of a loser. I want to work at least. Saying it is easy, but going through it takes forever.

I'll be going to hongkytown in a few hours. I hope i enjoy myself, use my leisure time there to really just get out of the world and think and think. I need to think..and i can't think when i'm at home, and i can't think when i'm in my second home. I know i can think elsewhere tho. It's really odd.

I dont know, my time in jakarta this time of the year feels really i dont know...different. Friends are different and they have more to say, but i dont quite feel tight with them anymore. I mean yeah we're still tight through reminiscing about who fell and who embarassed themselves in highschool .But thats it. How about being tight when you mature? I dont jsut feels weird. I mean i do have fun with em. But it fuckin sux that everyones so busy or so not interested in driving to see their own friends. I'm getting lazy as well. I feel bad...but seriously there's no excitement or push anymore. It's just staying at home and waiting for someone to force your ass out the door. it's just like that.

I miss johnnyboy. I really do. I used to think that this relationship was a wreck. But now, i dont know distance really makes the heart grow fonder. It's true. When i'm with him, i dont feel i miss em, only when i'm away and they are out of complete sight, thats when i miss the shit out of em.

that's all i have to say.
i dont think i'll be writing till next year.
adios amigos.

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