Thursday, June 14, 2007

i'm just tired.

Hello torture chamber,
the torture chamber im in right now is an office in disguise. It has this stoic ambience that deeply affects you and it really is a silent killer. bang bang. Not just that, most of the time i'm online and reading CNN news or checking out animal pictures in national But hey, i'm still living my life at the workplace. I try to find something to do. Sooner or later when it approaches evening time i will be covered in paperwork or tvc edits which I find quite fun actually. Today it's a friday, what do i feel like doing? Was planning to watch FANTASTIC FOUR. But some of my friends want to take me clubbing, they said that i've turned into an old lady, always staying at home and only chilling,not living up to a teenagers standard of FUN and GETTING WILD. THey were like "what happened to you bel?" And my response is simple and clear cut..i said "I'm just tired." OH ya fuck, i have a 2 hour full-body massage appointment at 7pm. I desperately need to cleanse my body with hot oil and a great steam dip. haha. I wanna go all dimsum. Just need to moisturize myself, my life. The thing is, i'm getting really fair now, and i'm not liking it. I dont mind flying down to BALI just to get a quick tan. I dont mind. As long as i dont go back to the pale tone. I'm good. It just makes me look sad and sick.
Goodbye, i'm so fucking bored now actually, its LUNCH HOUR. But i've already munched on lunch and i'm waiting for JOhn.
anyways...see you peeps.

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