Tuesday, December 12, 2006

I'll be leaving KL on friday. Sad isn't it? Suppose to leave this sat but due to sisters visa, i guess we're down to friday. It's so sad how the indo jilbab bitch was bitchin all the way, i couldn't stand it. People were stinking, bitchin, and i was just sitting down like a dumb dumb playing the "forgotten warrior". How gay huh? It's hard to bcuz my fingers are too big for my samsung keypads. haha...seriously. Anyways i ate like someones bitch in penang, just kept on going and going like i had the biggest tummy in the world. There was nothing to do except eat, so thats all i did. I haven't eaten so much in ages, there was all this awesome chinese food, it was greasy and oily but hey thats the fun in food, the oiler it is the better. Trust me, it was the bomb! I just completed kristine and murtis xmas gifts. I hope they like it, they've both changed their sense of style, so i guess i have to be updated with their needs. Kristines now a beach bum and murti now loves nicole richie. haha. but it doesn't matter, to them i guess my thoughts of getting em gifts count. Now i have to wrap the gifts, the part where i suck badly in. I haven't been doing much really, just been idling around the streets of KL, thinking of what to do and where to go to find some funny entertainment. Friends are all occupied with their girlfriends or boyfriends, so i dont wanna be a major interruption and be blamed for it indirectly. So i'll have the own fun i have with my sister. I dont know what to get KLAR? Maybe i'll get her those emo shirts or tankinis. GOd, i miss nasi padang so much! I'm dying for the indo taste, dying for the indo life i left behind. I haven't been home for a few months, feels like a wire is unplugged in my personal life. Yeah KL's been so boring, i feel like i'm slowly deteriorating with the constant daily boredom. Clubbings no fun either, i get invited to places but it truly sux..its like i'm just not up for the crowd and blend of people, im not up for it, they're no good, they're not old friends, they're no fun...like my sister got stepped on by some little wanker on her big toe nail and now there's like a humongous purple blood clot and it looks hideous. And me? i can't drink for shit, i get so weak then even 3 bottles of heineken can fill my mind heavy. It's terrible. I guess i didn't go with the proper crowd of people, i mean yes my friends can be wacko fun but at times...you need the old buddies to support the fun throughout the night. That's what people can't do here, there's always someone behind the bars of coldness and there's always someone with stabbing thoughts of you, looking at you like a cold psycho bitch. Girls all get that...we tend to misjudge but hey, it could be true. In the end we tell each other "yknow i used to think you were a bitch, when really i found out you were nice, that made me feel bad" That's my number one line to people i misjudge and bitch about but in the end discover they are the most beautiful souls around this bloody earth. Yeah jakarta has a different light to it, you go home and ur familiar with the roads and the people you wanna call out for a drink are already set in your mind and in ur phonebook. Like i love calling out DONO CASINO for hang outs. haha...she's normally the first person i call. We plan the shit togetha. i miss that biatch man. You know im getting so sick of the fact that you need money for everything. Like i forgot to cash out some cash from the ATM and that just made me realize that you fuckin need the cash or else you can't survive the day. You can't buy your friends cool gifts, you can't meet your friends without money. It's so fuckin sick i swear, i hate money, i hate it so much. Everyones getting so greedy these days, they just want money out of you, its like nothing else matters, just the dough. Fuck em! Ahh gitu la...lifes so sad for me and others these days. I hate the way the world thinks, the way people in general think, its like they're never wrong knowing that they are fuckin wrong. I can't stand people like that. It just pisses the shiiizz out of me mon.
Anyways, enough about bitching about bitchy people.
Damn i gotta get working when i'm back in j-town. Im so weak when it comes to invites, fuckin weak, i can't nolak my friends, i can't! It's hard...i hate to see the disappointment in their eyes..haha ciehh...i just hate the bugging about not being able to make it and the dumb ass excuses of work. It's like i'm trying to be sok pro...but i'm really not, i wish we had more time in a day. I wish we could hang out the entire day and do some funny things or laugh at funny things. I hope this christmas will blast my mind, cuz it hasn't for the last couple of years. I thought christmas would help overcome boredom, but at times its so awkward spending it with friends and distant friends. It feels aneh.
Cheers to my prediction of christmas. mwah.
friends and fam, excellence! (quote JASON OSMOND LIEM) haha my kampungan bastard. Jase i exposed osmond! aha osmond, haha sounds like a long furry animal. ew. haha love you bang jjjjjj!

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kelly said...

it's funny how different we are..but sometimes we think alike.
it's just so tiring, when you gotta entertain someone u know.
ol frens still da best eh? i miss penang like crazy. but luckily i still have u here with me man.
i dont know how am i going to survive next week coz u're goin back to jtown u bitch.
anyway.. have fun. you know who to come for when u're...emo.
cheerrrzzzz bitcho!