Wednesday, October 11, 2006

i want to eat some real food.

I feel like blogging
So here i am.

Its so quiet around here, this place, this life, the friends around you, they're so still, colder than an iceberg, they dont heat you up when you need the heat. I need a hug, a really warm hug to decrease the troubles twisting in my head. I need someone to care for me. That's just for now though..the only thing that keeps me moving are my assignments, other than that...i won't move..i'll stay in my nutshell and eat in it. Quite pathetic. Clubbing? It's bulan puasa, all the clubbers are being good this month, but i'm too lazy to go shake that ass and watch others do the same thing and drink the same shit, i'm too lazy...we're going for the exact same thing over and over again. It's getting boring. It really is, but i know i'll end up going just for some solid entertainment. Haha i love watching hte girls dance. They just think they're so fuckin hot when really they're not..if they were at least pretty, i'd give them some credit, but they're fuckin sick and all they do to get attention is flash their g-strings and underwear. God damn...don't you have anything else to show off to the guys. Ya that sickens me. I mite go party this saturday, but partying now is so plain...same shit. I can't believe i didn't notice it. Now when i go to zouk or something, i just stay there for like an hour. its been a while since i've danced with my girlfriends till the end. It's been a realllly loooooooong ass time man. Ah fuck im hungry right now. I'm gonna get myself something from dairy queens. haha fattening, but great.
Before i turn 20, i'm gonna do so many things...i'll prolly celebrate my birthday with my fellow internshippers. haha...i'll prolly just celebrate it alone. haha. Definitely don't want to get drunk and be the laughing stock. I swear..shit can't i get drunk properly. It's awful.
Okay i'ma go and continue my work today....alotta pressure but i'm handlin it quite well. See you when its over..hopefully.

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