Saturday, June 17, 2006

in this place

Hey hey hey, right time for you isn't it. I went to vertigo lastnight, it rocked, i had fun. I'm so weak on drinks now man, shit. I get tipsy so easily now over a few shots of illusions. Shit...its safer not to drink knowing that i'm such a weakling. Life is great so far, haha wuhoo! nah not that great, but i'm handling it like an adult. TIme management is what i lack the most, i need to improve me time schedule. I'd like to have a lovely sunday today, nothing like my sundays in KL, its boring ova there. Here i have my sisters, so i'll prolly go to EX, miss that place gitu loh. Soon will be the IME rave, wuhoooooo.......................ime raves gonna rock! So weird how a company has its own rave huh. It's complete coolness. I'm sorry, my minds not in place, i feel odd. haha. Shit thats funny crap! Yep yep!
k i gotsta bounce now! love

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