Thursday, June 01, 2006

as good as it gets

As good as it gets, i'm finally writing again. It wasn't too long wasn't it? Right now i'm researching for assignments, thought i could give my mind a break, i feel that it's already deep fried by now. I'm fried mentally. I cannot bear to think about what topic and what bodycopy and whatever shit for my ad. Plus copywriting assignment is just a few days away, a few days is not simple for a storyboard, but if there's one thing i'm good at, i'm good at procrastinating. I've been so lazy these days, i don't fckn get it. I don't. Lazy as in i'm real good at being a couch potato, i'm real good at it, serious. But my mind wants to do everything, my body doesn't react to it, it just lies down dead just like a couch. I am a couch or a bed, always there lazing around. But okay yesterday i woke up early, splashed a cold shower, finished off the evaluation bit, then chilled and etc. I'm not a coffee person, but recently ive been dying for starbucks cafe latte. i duno...i dont want to be addicted or anything. A lil bit of coffee for me is already effective enough to keep me awake throughout the entire day, but a few days ago, it did the complete opposite. I slept like a pig. Like honestly, i had a beautiful sleep, something of which i haven't had in dust years. Damn i want to be able to meet murti sooner or later this month, she's goin to bali (lombok) but i'm goin to bali, and i'm goin to j-town around the end of the month, ahhh i hope we enjoy together in bali mur, i hope we can meet up! Miss you kinkstressku. Um...what else do i have to say? I've been a good girl these days, just that i'm lazy. Man i haven't gone clubbin for such a long time, beer i haven't touched for quite a while, haha.....quite unbelievable isn't it...cuz i used to love beer so much, then i realized after a long ass time that it wasn't worth the gobble. I hate being drunk on beer, everyone knows what happens, i get so slutty, i can't even control myself, my mind gets possessed or something. haha. But seriously, i dont wanna act like that, it's not something to be proud of i would say. And the most i'll get is tipsy, but someone has to take care of me. :D i wanna be tipsy with my best friends. lets all enjoy one night of being tipsy, we'll talk about the funniest things, we'll tease each other, fck each other up, laugh at each other, whatever yknow. i just miss those days. i deserve that after my final exams. Once everythings done then i'll be the host of this best friend gathering. Hey its not gay, it's simply cool. Love you guys....will love you till the day i drop.
kisses to ur lovely cheeks

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