Saturday, February 18, 2006

Story me---ur such a smart ass.

Whoever you are story me, why dont you just fuck off? Im telling you in a nice way. Childish of me to delete ur comment...yes..maybe but i dont even know you and ur not even a friend of mine so why do you care to read my blog? Ify ou have problems wtih me well then just leave me alone. I dont even know you. And yes i act liek a kid, i admit it..wats so bad about it? You act like a kid too..bothering about your comments being deleted is such a small thing. Ur seriously disturbed. Seriously. So you can fuck off my page and discontinue to read my blogs..if its so boring or if its too childish for you. So wahtever i do or say...or write in this about my life..even my best friends dont give a fuck like you do. So go give a fuck on ur own blog. tata.

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StoryMe said...

i can think of a million ways to respond to that. but... since i'm such a smarty pants, i'll just state my views like i've always been doing. see... you have a blog. you write whatever you want and no one can stop you. its your right to voice out and be heard. if people dont like what ur reading then they should just stop reading right? well, likewise, i'm only commenting based on what i read. if you dont like what i say then just dont read it. but... there are other who want to.. so lets not deprive them.

what have i said that you have not already said yourself? i'm merely repeating what you said and showing my point. if u disagree with me then u disagree with yourself. think about it and then read your posts. :)