Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Brandon Flower-The killers!

Brandon Flower, he looks so adorable in his new video. yum. Joyce has a really nice template, but i can't be bothered to go thru the process, somethng related to remembering ur code or whatever shit. Ihhh malesh gwitu. i've been spending time with my sisters and mum, just family really. I need to spend some time with murphy, tis been a while since we've updated each other with personal stuff, we just got no time to do it cuz we're always surrounded by lotsa people. Anyways i love the sayur asin in indo gaya rasa, taste so damn good mon. Like seriously, damn gooooOod shite yo! Fuck im so hungry, but i'll be seeing ibu brigitta soon so i have to lose some weight. Issh. I watched ungu violet today, it was aite, indo movies have improved only that the stories are just too fiction, just never realistic.
ahh im lazy. got nothing much to talk about ere. see you bebz.

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