Saturday, May 21, 2005


Ahhh...gila man my muscles are like fuckin aching big time rite now. its 3:48am, just arrived home from clubtujuh, ihh....played pool for 5 fuckin hours, was suppose to meet bernie tapi cancelled cuz he was stuck in Shah Alam. Nevermind that, i played with Michael the entire night and i beat him around the first half, tapi he killed me the 2nd time around, as well as the other rounds. ahhh i needa practice, i need to play someone challenging so i will actually be considered a challenge. If only. But fuck my arms hurt, its like my muscles are contracting, my whole body is affected bad. waduh.....i need a massage bad. anyone don't mind massagin me? i seriously will get a massage from anybody at this point..desperate..need it bad. i think im gonna go to a spa sooner or later, just have to pamper myself a lil. For some reason, Mike always thinks i hate him or have this thing against him, i mean i seriously don't..he's like one of my closest friends in college, and i enjoy his company. But he told me i was actin weird today and i don't feel a damn thing. Ahh sometimes i don't know what type of face i put on. when i was smiling, he told me to smile cuz i looked so furious. so i was like heh? that shit dont' make sense mon. I can't wait to move into me new so malesh to move the barang tho...well cuz my whole bodys aching now. but yeah well...still lazyyyyy. I put like twooooooooo big tiger plasters on, one on my armand the other, my back. argh...sakit oowee. I dont know wut my plans are today..but i know it'll be just plain normal.
peach out.

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